I wasn’t going to put up a photograph, but there has to be a photo. There is always a photo.

So I’ve just taken one on Photo Booth:

MePhotosmall on 04-05-2013 at 18.09


That’s me, white hair and all, in my new study in Cornwall.

If you’ve just linked through from my old ‘My Councillor’ website¬†you’ll know I’ve stopped being a (Liberal Democrat) Councillor on Surrey County Council. I did not stand in the Council elections held in May 2013, but have come home to live in Cornwall.

This was not a unilateral decision. Fortunately my husband Kevin, who for work reasons was tethered to London, is now also free to move. We will miss Woking friends, colleagues, and the creative liveliness of Woking Writers Circle. But Cornwall is not that far away, and a fine place to visit.

(Kevin’s blog, Broad Thoughts From Home, is a gently wry commentary on events in our lives, with a few carefully understated opinions and a good number of discriminating readers.)

What my blog is for:

1. A change of view


I’m too used to political writing to give it up. But just as the view from our back garden (above) has changed and expanded, so has the range of opinions and ideas I’m now free to express.

2. A place to make my work available

I’ve written a number of stories, poems, scripts and so on over the years. Some of them have been professionally published or broadcast. Last year I self-published a novel, ‘Thirteen Months’ on my blog. Over time, I intend to make as much of my work freely available as possible.

3. Anything else that comes to mind or camera and seems interesting.

Comments, as ever, welcome.



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