PS* Poems (*published somewhere)

I’m still not a proper blogger – but using this space is a way to make some of my work available to anyone who might be interested in it. Specifically, right now, a chapbook of poems which have all been ‘published somewhere’ in the last two or three years, but beyond that have no further currency.

PS* Poems

PS* Poems (‘Published Somewhere’)


The picture above shows what it looks like if you are take the third of the three options below:

1. You can read PS (published somewhere) poems here, and download it as a straightforward PDF, but this is not designed for printing out.

2. I’ve created an epub file which should be available here   (i.e. on Googledrive) You can then download the file, which is named PS (Published Somewhere) Poems.epub,  onto a computer or other device with an e-reader e.g. ibooks.

If this for any reason proves problematic but you’d like a copy anyway, please email me on my main address, which you may have already, or on smithspaceinfo{at} , replacing the [at} with @

3. 'Print your own'. It takes 5 A4 sheets, and looks prettiest if the top one is a different colour.

Don't worry that when you open the files they start with blank pages - these are the inside front and back pages of the chapbook.

Print the following file SETTING YOUR PRINTER ON TWO PAGES PER SHEET, with the coloured sheet first. This will be the back of the cover. The last sheet printed will be the centre spread, pages 8 and 9      PSpoemsDIYpamphlet1

Take the printed pile and now print the following file on the back, AGAIN SETTING THE PRINTER TO TWO PAGES PER SHEET, with the colour sheet first. This will be the front cover, and the last sheet printed will be pages 7 and 10  PSpoemsDIYpamphletA

If your printer works like mine, you have a stack of 5 sheets that are in the right order simply to fold in half and staple, sew, or hole-punch and thread with ribbon.

You'll notice I've done my best to disable the comments facility  here, which was attracting spam, but civilised  comment or requests for files can be sent, as said, to my normal email address or to smithspaceinfo[at], replacing [at] with @.